Crossways Occasional Series

Crossways is a book series appearing in parallel with the journal Dutch Crossing.

The following titles are available:

Volume 6

Low Countries Imprints in Scottish Research Libraries

Author : William A. Kelly

Münster 2007. 157 pages. ISBN 9783830918660. Price €34.90.

Review: CILIP Rare Books and Special Collections Group and contributors Newsletter, December 2008, pp. 27-28.

Volume 5 

Envisioning Self and Status. Self-Representation in the Low Countries (1400-1700)

Editor : Erin Griffey

Contributors : FE Beemon, Rudolf Dekker, Elizabeth Edwards, Sheila Muller, Natasja Peeters, Lisa Rosenthal, Paul Sellin, Larry Silver, Els Stronks, Mark Trowbridge, Jean Wilson
Hull 2000. 280 pages, 52 illustrations. ISBN 0-9517293-5-7. Price £18.50
Also published as Dutch Crossing 23/2

Volume 4 

That Limpid Singer. A Bilingual Anthology of the Poems of Guido Gezelle

Published with the support of the Ministry of the Flemish Community

Editor : Paul Vincent
Translations by Adriaan Barnouw, Jethro Bithell, James Brockway, Paul Claes and Christine Dhaen, David Colmer, Albert van Eyken, Jane Fenoulhet, Kenneth Hare, James Holmes, John Irons, Francis Jones, Peter King, André Lefevere, Yann Lovelock, Edwin Morgan, Michael Rigelsford, Carl Stirlman, Maude Swepstone, Paul Vincent, Theodoor Weevers
Essays : Piet Couttenier, ‘The English World of Guido Gezelle’; Andre Lefevere, ‘Translating a National Monument’
Bibliography of translations and secondary literature on Gezelle in English
Hull 1999. 240 pages. ISBN 0-9517293-4-9. Price £16.50

Volume 3 

Presenting the Past. History, Art, Language, Literature

Editors : Jane Fenoulhet and Lesley Gilbert

Contributors : Liesbeth Brouwer, Nel van Dijk, Harry van Dyke, Jaap Goedegebuure, Bait de Groof, Anna Jane Harris, Christiane Hertel, Jonathan Israel, Marcel Janssens, Ethan Maft Kavaler, Kristine Koozin Door, HA Krop, Cynthia Lawrence, Marijke Meijer Drees, Godfrey Meintjes, Anne Marie Musschoot, Gevert Nörtemann, Frank Peeters, Frans Ruiter, Benjamin Schmidt, Ron Spronk, Tom Verschaffel
London 1996. 335 pages, 30 illustrations. ISBN 0-9517293-3-0. Price £12.50

Volume 2 

From Revolt to Riches. Culture and History of the Low Countries 1500-1700

Editors : Theo Hermans and Reinier Salverda

Contributors : Marcel Backhouse, Wiebe Bergsma, Elisabeth de Bièvre, Marijke Blankman, Hugh Dunthorne, Wayne Franits, Bait de Groof, Jozef lJsewijn, Carol Janson, Piet Loonen, Marijke Meijer
Drees, James Parente, Myra Scholz, Paul Sellin, Gijsbert Siertsema, Anna EC Simoni, Agnes Sneller, Andrew Spicer, Marijke Spies, Koen Swart, Karin Tilmans, Johan Verberckmoes, PEL Verkuyl
London 1993. 344 pages, 47 illustrations. ISBN 0-9517293-1-4. Price £9.50

Volume 1 

Standing Clear. A Festschrift for R.P.Meijer

Editors : Jane Fenoulhet and Theo Hermans

Contributors : Frida Balk-Smit Duyzentkunst, Karel Bostoen, Dick Boukema, Ton Broos, Jane Fenoulhet, Lesley Gilbert, Theo Hermans, Peter King, Reinier Salverda, Maria H Schenkeveid, Kees Snoek, JW de Vries, William Woods
London 1991. 237 pages. ISBN 0-9517293-0-6. Price £6.50

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