7th Biennial Conference 2008

7th Biennial Conference
Beyond Borders
The Dutch-Speaking World in Times of Globalization and (Trans)Nationalism 
4 – 5 January 2008
University of Nottingham

Conference Report

The Department of German at the University of Nottingham was delighted to host the 7th biennial conference of the Association of Low Countries Studies in January, 2008, at the University of Nottingham, with the theme “Beyond Borders: The Dutch-speaking world in times of globalization and Trans-Nationalism”. Two plenary papers addressed the notion of Dutch across borders from two very different corners of the Dutch-speaking world, and from two different disciplinary perspectives too. A plenary by the eminent Leuven philosopherRudi VISKER addressed The Philosophy of Multiculturalism,while Lila GOBARDHAN-RAMBOCUS (Instituut voor de Opleiding van Leraren, Paramibo, Suriname) provided a fascinating, accessible and yet scholarly insight into the history of Dutch language education in Suriname, with her paper The Status of Dutch in Suriname . A third plenary by Nottingham University’s own expert on Rubens, Jeremy Wood, told the story of Dutchmen abroad through the history of art, with his paper on the case of Rubens in Spain. The diplomatic gift to the duke of Lerma. Other papers presented ranged from the Middle Ages to the present day, and from linguistics to literature and history.

The ALCS gratefully acknowledges the very generous support of theNederlandse Taalunie. A selection of the papers presented will appear in the journal Dutch Crossing.