ALCS supports research trip Christopher Joby

The ALCS supported a research trip to London by Leeds lecturer Christopher Joby. He writes:

I spent three days in London at the end of July carrying out research for a number of outputs relating to Dutch Studies. First, I consulted a large number of books and articles at the British Library in order to complete an article on the use of Dutch in early modern Britain for the journal, Taal & Tongval. Secondly, I consulted books and articles at the BL in particular on the Flemish weavers at Mortlake. I shall use this material for the book on the use of Dutch in early modern Britain that I am currently writing. Thirdly, I had a meeting with Marja Kingma from the British Library concerning a project relating to Dutch Church archive material held at the LMA. I have also been editing a book on the multilingualism of Constantijn Huygens, which I shall submit to a publisher shortly. This visit allowed me to consult a number of relevant books and articles at the British Library. I would like to thank the ALCS for its generous support, which allowed me to undertake this research visit.

ALCS supports PhD student Siobhan Higgins

The ALCS has supported PhD student Siobhan Higgins in enrolling for a course in early modern Dutch at the University of London, necessary for her PhD work. Siobhan writes:

Receiving this bursary from the ALCS enabled me to enrol for online classes in early modern Dutch provided by the University of London. These classes were immensely helpful for me and provided me with the essential training that I would not have been able to get anywhere else. My research focuses on Anglo-Dutch relations in the cautionary town of Brill during the seventeenth century and before these classes, I could only read the English side of the correspondence. This proved extremely problematic as most of the English military in Brill were bi-lingual and composed more material in Dutch as their years in the Netherlands progressed. Gaining this training enabled me to work on Dutch manuscripts in the Conway Papers and allowed me to gain vital information that I was previously unable to access. Furthermore, through this language training I have been introduced to many early modern Dutch texts which have provided me with a more nuanced understanding of many of the cultural issues I discuss in my thesis. This has been vital to my PhD thesis and I am extremely grateful to the ALCS for providing me with the funds to do this.

ALCS supports conference at Norfolk Record Office

On March 15th 2013 Leeds based academic Christopher Joby organized a conference on Dutch and Flemish strangers in the Norfolk Record Office. The ALCS supported this event. Joby writes:

This one-day conference was devoted to various aspects of the influence of the thousands of immigrants from the Low Countries who settled in Norfolk in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Six papers were given on subjects including language, literature, art and correspondence. These will be published in a special edition of Dutch Crossing in 2014. The ALCS very kindly offered a number of bursaries to postgraduates who wanted to attend the conference. Siobhán Higgins, a doctoral candidate at University College Cork, received one of the bursaries. Amongst the attendees at the conference was Mr. Geert de Proost, the Representative of the Government of Flanders in the UK. I would also like to thank him and the Dutch Ambassador for their generous support of the conference.

ALCS supports research trip Leeds lecturer Christopher Joby

During the summer of 2012, the ALCS supported Leeds lecturer Christopher Joby to conduct research in Cambridge and London. Joby writes:

Funding received from the ALCS allowed me to make a number of research visits during Summer 2012. One of these was to Cambridge University Library which houses a good deal of material in and on early modern Dutch. I made another visit to London, where I was able to consult material at the British Library, the Dutch Church at Austin Friars and the London Metropolitan Archive, which houses archive material from the Dutch Church. This allowed me to complete an article on Constantijn Huygens which has now been published, to write an article on Dutch poetry in Norfolk, which I have just completed, and consult material which I shall use in a forthcoming book on the history of the Dutch language in early modern Britain.

ALCS supports research trip young Irish historian Siobhan Higgins

In May 2012, Higgins was able to spend a week in London conducting research for her doctoral dissertation, entitled “Britain’s Bourse: Cultural and Intellectual Transmissions between the Low Countries and Britain in the Early Modern Era.”

She writes:

Thanks to the generosity of the Association of Low Countries Studies, I was able to spend a week in London conducting research for my doctoral dissertation, entitled “Britain’s Bourse: Cultural and Intellectual Transmissions between the Low Countries and Britain in the Early Modern Era.”

I was able to consult materials in the British Library and in the British National Archives not available to me in Ireland. These included seventeenth century English military maps of garrison towns in the Netherlands, Dutch church records of the English military churches, official and personal correspondence between the English governors of Brill and Dutch officials and many rare books and articles only available at these locations. I also found many other unexpected sources such as personal letters from family members of English military personnel stationed in the Netherlands which provided me with additional information about Anglo-Dutch cultural exchanges in the Netherlands.

Many of the primary sources I consulted made me aware of very useful sources held in Dutch archives and I will be able to consult these during a research trip to the Netherlands in June 2012.

I also made some valuable contacts while there and was put in contact with one of the leading Anglo-Dutch historians who specialises in my field. I was also able to avail of tutorials from an expert palaeographer who aided me in perfecting my transcription and translation of the many important palaeographic sources I am consulting.

I achieved a considerable amount during this trip to London and I am extremely grateful to the Association of Low Countries Studies for providing me with that opportunity. The research I conducted, the contacts that I made and the skills I acquired are indispensable in the writing of my thesis and I am indebted to the Association of Low Countries Studies in this regard.