ALCS Research Grant: Anna Geurts

The ALCS sponsored Dr Anna P.H. Geurts’ research visit to The Hague in August 2017. Anna Geurts reports.

Page from a local illustrated notebook from the Harz, used by a Dutch visitor in the summer of 1869.

‘My ALCS grant allowed me to travel to the Netherlands in order to examine primary as well as secondary literature for my project on the history of Dutch travel in the nineteenth century. I have examined a range of secondary literature on the history of transport technology in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague, and copied several published pieces of travel writing, such as Henrica Françoise Rees van Tets’s book Voyage d’une hollandaise en France en 1819 – written in French by a well-travelled lady from a Dutch family of politicians, painters and art dealers; and the quite different account of Johannes van Oostendorp who was drafted as a soldier to help suppress the Belgian Revolution of 1830.

I also visited the Dutch National Archives to photograph manuscript travelogues from across the nineteenth century, ranging from an aristocratic boy visiting his father at work in the southern Netherlands, to journeys to Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France, including even one cycle trip, made at a time when bikes were rare even in the Netherlands.

I will use these sources in my book on Dutch travellers’ interactions with space and place, as well as an article about the changing experience of distance and an article about the significance of gender in nineteenth-century travel.

I am also looking for a publisher to print a set of four particularly fascinating manuscript accounts, which I have discovered.

I would like to thank the members of the ALCS for their generous support, and am looking forward to the moment when I can present my findings – in English as well as Dutch!

ALCS Research Grant: Chris Joby visits Asian Library Leiden

leiden_asia_centre_yearThe ALCS sponsored Dr Chris Joby’s  research  visit to Leiden in January 2017. Joby reports.

‘I am very grateful to the ALCS for supporting this research visit. It allowed me to access many resources held at Leiden University Library, which I would otherwise not be able to access. One project that I am currently undertaking is to write a history of the Dutch language in Tokugawa Japan (c. 1603-1868). The East Asia library at Leiden houses editions of primary sources, such as the Deshima Daghregisters, and many secondary sources, which I was able to consult for this project. Another project that I am undertaking concerns a collection of correspondence written in Norwich in the late 1560s. The letters in the collection were written by immigrants from Ieper and elsewhere in the Westhoek. The visit to Leiden University library allowed me to consult specialist material on sixteenth-century Flemish, which I can now include in an article on this subject. I was also able to meet with other academics involved in East Asia studies with whom I could discuss my project and exchange ideas.

A research visit such as this also allows me to keep my Dutch current and identify useful material for my courses on Dutch language, literature and cultural history at Hankuk University.’

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Researching Dutch Musicals

Through the ALCS research grants scheme, Sanne Thierens received an ALCS travel and maintenance grant to conduct interviews and archive research in the Netherlands in the summer of 2016. Here is her short report.

logo-2“As a PhD student working in England but researching a series of Dutch musicals, I was pleasantly surprised and very grateful to receive the ALCS grant this year. The grant allowed me make several trips to Amsterdam to meet with and interview creatives, actors and actresses who played key roles in some of the musicals by writer Annie M.G. Schmidt and composer Harry Bannink.

Over the summer and into autumn, I had the pleasure to meet up with many key figures in the Dutch musical works. I had coffee with writer Ivo de Wijs, who edited Schmidt and Bannink’s Heerlijk duurt het langst for its 1998 revival and Foxtrot for its 2001 production. I met up with Carla Lipp, who performed in the chorus of the original production of Heerlijk in 1965. I talked to Ruut Weissman, who directed the revivals of Heerlijk and Foxtrot, and I interviewed David Eavis, who worked as an actor, company manager, and assistant-choreographer- and director in several of the Schmidt/Bannink-musicals.

The ALCS grant furthermore allowed me to visit the Theatre Institute’s archive, also in Amsterdam, where I looked at documents such as old newspaper articles, photos and programme booklets.

I am honoured that the ALCS decided to support these activities with their grant, and am very thankful for them to make it happen.”

All ALCS members are welcome to apply for funding. Applications for co-operative projects which benefit the subject as a whole are particularly welcome. You wil find more information on the Research Grants page.

ALCS Grant: Nick Piercey travels to The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam

nickbookIn January 2016, I spent a week in The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam researching and finishing the writing of Four Histories about Dutch Football 1910–1920: Constructing Discourses, an Open Access book to be published in October by UCL Press. The ALCS grant enabled me to complete my research in both the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Nationaal Archief in The Hague. I was able to examine original documents from the Nederlandsche Voetbalbond relating to football club members in Rotterdam in 1914 and to compile a database, which will accompany the published book online. The grant also allowed me to travel to both Rotterdam and Amsterdam to take photos of contemporary sporting sites, and sites that used to be the location of sporting spaces. These photos will be used in the forthcoming book. Perhaps most importantly the grant gave me the opportunity to complete my manuscript while in the Netherlands, providing me with access to original sources and a wealth of libraries and archives. I would profoundly like to thank the ALCS for its generous support of this research trip and the contribution it has made to the successful completion of my book.

Dr Nick Piercey, Honorary Research Associate, UCL Dutch

Postscript: Piercey’s monograph was published in autumn 2016 and is available free of charge from UCL University Press

ALCS supports research trip Christopher Joby

The ALCS supported a research trip to London by Leeds lecturer Christopher Joby. He writes:

I spent three days in London at the end of July carrying out research for a number of outputs relating to Dutch Studies. First, I consulted a large number of books and articles at the British Library in order to complete an article on the use of Dutch in early modern Britain for the journal, Taal & Tongval. Secondly, I consulted books and articles at the BL in particular on the Flemish weavers at Mortlake. I shall use this material for the book on the use of Dutch in early modern Britain that I am currently writing. Thirdly, I had a meeting with Marja Kingma from the British Library concerning a project relating to Dutch Church archive material held at the LMA. I have also been editing a book on the multilingualism of Constantijn Huygens, which I shall submit to a publisher shortly. This visit allowed me to consult a number of relevant books and articles at the British Library. I would like to thank the ALCS for its generous support, which allowed me to undertake this research visit.