New Issue of Journal of Dutch Literature available online

Vol. 3, No. 3 (2012) of the Journal of Dutch Literature, contains the following contributions:

  • Henriëtte Louwerse: ‘Nymphs and Nymphets: How Hafid Bouazza Evokes Nabokov to Demand Artistic Freedom’
  • Rick Honings, Arnold Lubbers: ‘Dutch Institutional Reading Culture in the Early Nineteenth Century: An Exploration and a Comparison’
  • Bettina Noak: ‘Foreign Wisdom: Ethnological Knowledge in the Work of Franciscus Ridderus’
    • Aukje van Rooden: ‘Magnifying the Mirror and the Lamp: A Critical Reconsideration of the Abramsian Poetical Model and its Contribution to the Research on Modern Dutch Literature’
    • Liesbeth Minnaard: Review: ‘A Ghostly Presence: Colonial Memory in Contemporary Dutch Literature’
    • Jeroen Dewulf: ‘Zarathustra in Surinam: Albert Helman’s Prophecy of the ‘New Man’ in Zuid-Zuid-West (1926)’

All articles and previous issues of the Journal of Dutch Literature are freely available in PDF format from the JDL website.