Research Grants

Funding for Research Projects in Dutch Studies

One of the core activities of the ALCS is to encourage research. The ALCS has a small fund to support scholarly study in the language, history, culture and society of the Low Countries. All ALCS members are welcome to apply for funding. If you are not a member, please enclose a completed membership form with your application.

All ALCS members are welcome to apply for funding

The ALCS funding is not intended to provide full financial support for projects, but to provide “top-up” funding, or initial support to enable a larger project to get off the ground.

Applications for co-operative projects which benefit the subject as a whole are particularly welcome. A proportion of funds will be set aside for applications from postgraduate students, for instance to assist with travel expenses to visit an archive.

Also see our page on Awarded Grants.

How to apply for ALCS funding

Requests for funding should be sent to the ALCS Treasurer by 15th June or 15th December, using the form below. Applications will then be considered twice a year at the executive committee meetings. You will be informed of the outcome of your application in July or January. If successful, you are asked to claim your funding within two years and to write a short report on the funded activities for our website.

Your application form asks you to specify:

  • an outline of the project and its importance for Dutch Studies in the UK/Ireland
  • a budget of the project
  • the amount requested
  • details of other bodies funding the project

In addition to the application form, you are asked to submit a short written reference or letter of support. This may be from a supervisor (for postgraduates), but not from someone else associated with the project. For example, if you are applying for support for a conference, the referee should not be one of the co-organisers.

Please note: successful candidates may not submit applications in consecutive cycles.

To request financial support from the ALCS, please download the grant application form and return as an email attachment by 15th of June or 15th of December to: