ALCS supports PhD student Siobhan Higgins

The ALCS has supported PhD student Siobhan Higgins in enrolling for a course in early modern Dutch at the University of London, necessary for her PhD work. Siobhan writes:

Receiving this bursary from the ALCS enabled me to enrol for online classes in early modern Dutch provided by the University of London. These classes were immensely helpful for me and provided me with the essential training that I would not have been able to get anywhere else. My research focuses on Anglo-Dutch relations in the cautionary town of Brill during the seventeenth century and before these classes, I could only read the English side of the correspondence. This proved extremely problematic as most of the English military in Brill were bi-lingual and composed more material in Dutch as their years in the Netherlands progressed. Gaining this training enabled me to work on Dutch manuscripts in the Conway Papers and allowed me to gain vital information that I was previously unable to access. Furthermore, through this language training I have been introduced to many early modern Dutch texts which have provided me with a more nuanced understanding of many of the cultural issues I discuss in my thesis. This has been vital to my PhD thesis and I am extremely grateful to the ALCS for providing me with the funds to do this.