14th ALCS Conference 10-12 July in Edinburgh


14th ALCS Conference 10-12 July 2022

University of Edinburgh

For the 14th ALCS Biennial Conference at the University of Edinburgh we are homing in on home in a Low Countries context.

Home is the story of who we are and such a deeply familiar place that it is almost impossible to see it with the eyes of an outsider. We are steeped into home as an idea, a concept, an ideal expressed through objects and representations. After a pandemic in which home gained new prominence, we would like to home in on understanding, remembering, (re)creating, searching for, (re)finding, (re)discovering, challenging, celebrating, home as an idea(l) and as a physical place. This was our Call for Papers


The (draft) programme of the 14th ALCS Conference 10-12 July 2022


Keynote speakers:

Malgorzata Drwal (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań) 
Jan Willem Duyvendak
(NIAS-KNAW and University of Amsterdam) 
Esther Mijers
(University of Edinburgh)
Olivia Rutazibwa (London School of Economics)

More information about registration and accommodation to follow soon.

Selected papers from the conference will be published in the ALCS Journal: Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies

Contact for the Edinburgh Conference: homing.in.edinburgh2022@gmail.com

All general enquiries: ALCS@sheffield.ac.uk